Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In the article "Wounded Warrior: Blind Soldier Becomes Company Commander" By Tommy Gilligan what matters is yesterday, the title of company commander was added to Smiley’s resume, as he became the first blind officer to lead a company as he assumed command of the Warrior Transition Unit at the U.S. Military Academy. Smiley was wounded and permanently lost his vision during his 2005 deployment to Iraq. He attributes his strength and drive during his recovery to his family, faith and friends. I think that it is a great thing that the US military is allowing wounded soilders to stay in the fight and not have to sit on the sidelines watching their friends die. Over the past six months, Smiley had been an instructor with the academy’s Behavioral Sciences and Leadership department, teaching a leadership course to third-year cadets. Smiley’s endurable spirit and character are traits that the cadets can just relate too. He has overcome so much, through his attitude and desire to excel in life. Scott is a great teacher.

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