Monday, March 15, 2010

PLN 18

Having laptops in class is like having everything you need right in front of you. Since we got laptops we can write essays with fewer mistakes and more formal ones too. The internet can give us quick and easy access to research and reference help. Next year if we did not have laptops I would most likely fail my class because I cannot write well at all because of spelling errors, punctuation and format. I think that lots of kids would do badly in class if we did not have them because it makes the class much harder. Since we started using laptops my grade has shot up from previous year where it was very low. I have turned in all of my assignments because there is more than one way to get them to my teacher so that has made it much easier on us. Laptops are helping students more and more, students also enjoy class more with laptops.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

PLN 17

In the article “U.S. Cyber Command Preparations Under Way” By Jordan Reimer, what matters is preparations for the formal establishment of United States Cyber Command are under way. The formal launch of the new organization is awaiting congressional approval of its commander, Air Force Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command. In June 2009, Robert M. Gates approved the establishment of cyber command to assume responsibility for operating and defending the Department of Defense’s information networks as a unified sub-division of strategic command. Gates charged U.S. Strategic Command (that’s based at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Neb., and responsible for the United States’ nuclear arsenal and global deterrence, as well as space and information operations) to stand up the new sub-command. Cyber Command will be constituted by joining strategic command’s joint task force for global network operations under the operational control of the joint functional component command for network warfare, which had separated offensive and defensive cyberspace activities. I think that a cyber network for the defense of the US Department of Defense’s networks is a good idea. Because cyber networks are stronger than fire walls and they are constantly monitored to prevent a breach in security. Other countries might take this as a threat to their national security because a cyber network can be used as a cyber weapon. The US and everyone including me will be protected from cyber breach. The Defense Department operates more than 15,000 computer networks across 4,000 military installations in 88 countries. Command and control, military intelligence and logistics, and the development and fielding of weapons technology, all depend on ready access to secure information networks. “Modern armed forces simply cannot conduct high-tempo, effective operations without resilient, reliable information and communication networks and assured access to cyberspace,” Miller said.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PLN 16

I read the article “Africom Assists Security, Stability Efforts,” By John Kruzel. What matters is The United States Africa Command, a U.S.-led response to requests by African nations for maritime training, is now in its fifth deployment as it expands its range along the African coastline, the commander, Major General William E Ward said. An estimated 80 percent of Europe’s cocaine supply transits through West Africa. Much of it originates in Latin America before being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. In sub-Saharan Africa, roughly $1 billion is lost annually to illegal fishing. Meanwhile, both the western and eastern coasts continue to be troubled by piracy, specifically in Nigeria and Somalia, which accounted for nearly 70 percent of the worldwide total in 2008. Meetings with the African governments by the Africa Partnership Station are designed to support and strengthen regional capabilities on the continent and represent one means for building comprehensive maritime security in Africa. The program is inspired by the belief that maritime safety and security will contribute to development, economic prosperity and security ashore. If Africa can stop these problems with the help of the United States Africa Command it may stop a lot of conflicts in Africa such as “conflict diamonds”(hint hint) and also bring the countries together. That would lead to a conflict free, poverty free Africa. Describing other components of the U.S. mission on the continent, Africom personnel are assisting African partners in building their capacities to counter transnational threats from violent extremist organizations (RUF and UNITA are examples), to stem illicit drug trafficking, to support peacekeeping operations and to prepare for natural disasters. “Supporting the development of professional and capable militaries contributes to increased security and stability in Africa, [and] allows African nations and regional organizations to promote good governance, expand development and provide for their common defense and better serve their people,” Major General William E Ward said. The United States promotes its interests by helping African states build capable and professional militaries that respect human rights, adhere to the rule of law and more effectively contribute to stability in Africa.

Monday, March 8, 2010

PLN 15

I read the article “Air Force Mortuary Ensures Dignity, Honor for Fallen” By Elaine Wilson and what matters is under pouring rain, the 757 touched down here late at night, returning Army Staff Sgt. Michael David P. Cardenaz home. He had been killed just a few days before in an enemy attack in Afghanistan. With family and friends near, an Army carry team marched in slow, measured steps to the aircraft, undeterred by the wind. Their hands white gloves, the soldiers slowly moved the transfer case from aircraft to waiting vehicle. Only the sound of distant aircraft and the anguished cry of a loved one cut through the silence. As the driver pulled away slowly, all of the soldiers in attendance raised their hands slowly in salute. “It’s a heavy toll our nation has paid on this, and these are the men and women who have borne the cost,” said Col. Robert H. Edmondson, the center’s commander. “We owe our best every time and in every way.” The center’s mission is to receive a service member’s remains, prepare them for final their final departure, then secure an expedient passage to the place of burial all while ensuring dignity, honor and respect to the fallen and care, service and support to their families. The staff tends to every seemingly minute detail, from the tight crease on a U.S. flag draped over a casket to a carefully built ribbon rack on a perfectly fitted uniform that may never be seen. It is great that he United States care about their fallen soldiers and their families. I have seen how they do this and it is sad but at the same time it is good to know their final departure will be held with honor and respect. This shows other countries how much the United States cares about their soldiers and that we will never leave a man behind no matter what their condition, dead or wounded they will never be left behind. “After 9-11 we had over 300 of our soldiers in here and every one of them was treated with the upmost respect and honor, we did not slack on our duties, we prepared every one for their final departure” said Col. Robert H. Edmondson.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PLN 14

In the article “Combined Forces Net Drugs, Weapons in Afghanistan” by American Forces Press Service, what matters is Combined Afghan-international operations in Afghanistan killed several insurgents in recent days and led to drug and weapons confiscations. A combined patrol operating in the Koti village of Kapisa province, used intelligence information to conduct an operation against an insurgent leader responsible for supplying weapons and equipment used in attacks against Afghan forces and members of the International Security Assistance Force. During the operation, several armed men were observed near the compound. When the men displayed hostile intent, the patrol took defensive measures, killing several of the men. I think that the strict use of deadly force in a hostile situation is a good thing because if we find that they are hostile we will take them down without warning and I think that taking no chances is the best way to go. A combined force operating in the Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province discovered a large amount of drugs. Led by Afghan National Police, the patrol discovered about 1,700 pounds of hashish on the trailer of a broken tractor. The drugs were confiscated and moved to a nearby police compound. Another time, Afghan forces turned a large weapons cache over to an ISAF explosive ordnance disposal team in the Bala Boluk district of Farah province yesterday. The cache consisted of three rockets, three mortar rounds, 30 hand grenades, 24 rocket-propelled grenade warheads, more than 700 large-caliber machine gun rounds, a pistol and a radio.