Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PLN 13

I read the article “Women to Serve on Subs” by Donna Miles, what matters is the Navy plans to repeal its ban on women serving on submarines, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said to Congress. Gates signed a letter Feb. 19 informing Congress of the Navy’s plan to lift the policy, which it intends to do through the phased-in assignment of women to submarines, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell confirmed today. Mabus, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead and other Navy leaders have looked closely at the issues involved with integrating women into the submarine force, including close working conditions and accommodations, he said. No funds will be spent to reconfigure submarines to accommodate female crew members until the Navy Department presents the phased-approach plan to Congress. I think that it is good that the Navy is allowing women to serve on submarines considering that they will have to share bathrooms and bunks. The integration of women into the submarine force increases the talent pool and therefore, overall submarine readiness. “We know there are capable young women in the Navy and women who are interested in the Navy who have the talent and desire to succeed in the submarine force,” he said. “Enabling them to serve there is best for the submarine force and our Navy.”

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