Monday, September 28, 2009

PLN 11

I watched "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch. Mr. Fisch imagined what the future would be like for students and businesses. What matters is as time goes on school requirements change and businesses change. He predicted that Google would take over more businesses such as Ford, Apple and other businesses. He thinks that google will start to create cars and things to help students. This video was made 4 years ago by him and most of what he said would happen has happend. I think that this video does not apply to us because it is about the students of 2020 and not us. He dosen't say anything about what will happen to us but what will happen to businesses, schools and future students. The title is "2020 Vision" not 2013 vision so it is not about us just future students.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I read " The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson. What matters is students today can't write and that technology is to blame. Clive says, "Word and Power Point have replaced written essays, Facebook and texting have belittled word to abbreviations and not the full word." I think that Word helps students learn how to use the right formats and spell words right. Word, Power Point and Excel teach students about writing and using the right formats and how to spell. "I believe that technology isn't killing our ability to write it's reviving it."


I read "Dale Earndhardt Jr Frustrated After Late Crash at NHMS" by Dave Rodman. What matters is Dale was racing, he was in sixth place and all of a sudden the car next to him went out of control and hit Dale forcing him into the wall. The car went out of control because the crew didn't check the car throughly enough and there was a problem with the front axles. He tried to drive away but his car was to badly damaged. I think that the Nascar drivers should check their cars more thoroughly before racing, to make sure that there is nothing wrong with them and they will race safely.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I read the article, "Another Radical Obama Supporter," by Admin. Mrs. Bush supports Obama in his speech to all students. I agree with Mrs. Bush in supporting the president in trying to get students to stay in school. What he said to all students will affect their future, the future of our country and potentially the world. His speech was interesting and inspiring. He said "If you fail your school you're not only failing yourself you're failing your country." I think his speech will inspire a lot of US students.


In "Denver cop is found not guilty of excessive force." What matters is this officer was accused of assaulting a bicyclist because the police officer saw him pull out a knife and the police officer thought he was being attacked. He was found not guilty. I think police officers should only use excessive force when necessary. If this keeps happening people will not trust police officer's. It will instill fear in the population if police officers go around assaulting people. Police officers are around to protect people and enforce the law not attack people or break the law.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I read the article "Aurora Police Seek Stabbing Suspects" by the Denver Post. What matters is the police are searching for a suspect that killed a man around midnight. The incident happened near a school in Aurora but it wasn't at the school. The police are trying to keep these kind of people off the streets and keep citizens safe. After I read the article I thought that this guy was crazy for killing someone for no apparent reason as stated by the police. Before they put this man in jail they should check to see if he has any mental problems.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I watched "The Vision of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch. What matters is that students don't learn from sitting in class and watching the teacher write on the chalk board. It is not what we are used to, students are used to using technology to learn such as online books and other sites used in school. I think that sitting in classes 7 hours a day watching the teachers write on the chalk board won't work today because students text on their phones and don't pay attention while teachers give notes. Writing on the board is slower compared to having the teachers post their notes online for students to download and have on their computers to read. Using filtered internet has helped to keep students from going to sites that aren't related to school work and keep them on task during class.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I watched the video "The Machine is Using Us" by Dr. Wesch. The video is about how we teach the internet and the machines. We teach others through the Internet by posting information and by others looking up that information. I think that the Internet uses us to teach others by taking our information and sending it across the World Wide Web to millions of sites. It does it like that because the internet is a form AI.