Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLN 11

In the article “Forces Uncover Multiple Weapons Caches in Afghanistan” By American Forces Press Service what matters is combined patrols of Afghan and international security forces uncovered multiple weapons caches during operations throughout Afghanistan. In Helmand province a security patrol found a large cache containing nearly 3,000 rounds of ammunition, three anti-aircraft weapons, 15 rocket-propelled grenades, 34 mortar rounds and other ammunition. Also, a patrol found a weapons cache in Balkh province yesterday containing 15 Russian 122mm projectiles. I think that countries should keep track of their weapons and stop rouge people from selling them out the backdoor. During a patrol in Kandahar last night, forces found a cache containing two artillery rounds, two grenades, an anti-tank mine, 400 rounds of ammunition and a radio. All caches were destroyed.

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