Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PLN 15

In "Major in Learning" by Google they give advice to students to help them succeed. What companies are looking for in people to hire is analytical reasoning, communication skills, a willingness to experiment, team players, passion and leadership. Today good jobs are only looking for the best of the best of people. To get a good job you have to really work hard and get good grades. People that fail will not get good jobs, they would get jobs that don't require higher education. I have all of these aspects but I am trying to improve them because some are just borderline and not thoroughly proven aspects of me. For me to acquire a good job I have to grasp all of these aspects and more.


  1. Hey! That's very true these days. Those who are successful are those who strive the hardest to achieve their goals! In your last sentence when you mention garbage men, are you implying that it is a job to strive for, or a job that you don't want? How do you think this theme applies to your life? -Danielle

  2. Yes grades are definitely important. When a business or company looks at your resume, your grades will be one of the first things they look at. I'm glad to here that you wish to improve. To recognize that is really half the battle. Keep it up.