Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

In this post by the National School Board Association my opinion is that I write better when I use a pen and paper but when I use a computer it helps me with punctuation spelling and format. When I write I take more time but when I use a computer I don’t take a lot of time but I prefer the computer over pen and paper. I like it better because I have Word to help me when I don’t know how to spell a word or when I miss punctuation or my formatting is wrong. Also I can go to the internet for information when I need help or I can call my teacher or email her using Skype or an email server. I think overall the computer is better than pen and paper because it is what we know how to use. The old ways won’t serve us with today’s technology after we have already been taught how to use today’s technology.


  1. Hi there I'm Dan (your mentor). I agree that word is very helpful in correcting spelling and punctuation. However, I disagree with what you said at the end, "[t]he old ways won't serve us with today's technology after we have already been taught how to use today's technology". Writing with a pen sometimes makes it much easier to convey thoughts more clearly (purely opinion based). Which do you think is better in terms of content and quality?

  2. I'm your other mentor, Danielle. To add to what Dan said, I also think that pen and paper is also great if you want to jot down your thoughts about a topic quickly. You don't always have a computer or laptop with you (nor do you want to.. trust me, they get heavy after about an hour!!). If you do have a computer with you, there is always access to distractions such as the internet or games. Which is better in order to concentrate?