Thursday, October 1, 2009

PLN 10

I watched "Did you know 4.0" by Karl Fisch. In this video what matters is he predicts what technologies will become available in the future and what will happen to the older technologies today. Today the use of the TV and the internet are making the purpose of a newspaper obsolete. 95% of the adults in the US have cell phones and some people get the news from their phones. Nokia makes 13 cell phones every second. I think that it is nuts that Nokia can make 13 cell phones every second. He predicted that in 25 years a computer will be the size of a blood cell. While that will be possible i think that it would have no use unless somehow it could link with your brain and you could tell it what to do. Then if that worked you would never have to take time to sit and search the internet of type something you could do it all in you head while your doing something else.

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