Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PLN 26

I read the article “Official Details Results of Missile Review” By Jim Garamone, what matters is ballistic missiles are an increasing threat to the United States, and the Department of Defense must keep up with them. The threat to the U.S. homeland is most acute from states such as North Korea and Iran. Neither has yet acquired ICBMs that could reach the United States, but both are working to acquire and or develop long-range ballistic missile capabilities including space launched vehicles which include many of the necessary technologies. I think that if these countries acquire these weapons they would be the biggest threat the United States has ever faced before. The top priority for U.S. missile defense efforts is to defend the United States from the threat of missile attack by regional actors such as North Korea or Iran. The United States does not intend for missile defense to affect the strategic balance with Russia or China. The second priority is to defend against regional missile threats to U.S. forces while protecting allies and partners and helping to enable them to protect themselves. One part is a new phased adaptive approach for missile defense in Europe. The United States has concluded agreements with Romania and Poland to host the two planned land-based sites for missile interceptors in 2015 and 2018.

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