Thursday, January 21, 2010


In the article "Air Reserve Base Proves Vital in Transporting Relief to Haiti" By Navy Lt. Jennifer Cragg what matters is Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida is playing a vital role in moving essential medical supplies, equipment and military support to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Reserve aircrews have flown 57 missions in support of Operation Unified Response, and the pace of activity is very likely to increase. Air Force Reserve assets have delivered an estimated 650,000 pounds of cargo and 137 pallets and have brought 1,600 American citizens back to the United States.I think that this is really helping Haiti becuse of how close they are together and because they can get relief to them very very fast. More than 580 airmen from regular Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve are playing an important part in the joint efforts in Haiti.

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