Friday, November 13, 2009

PLN 23

In the video "What if" by Karl Fisch, what people have said in the past about students will never use laptops in school or AHS will never have wireless internet or students will never use pens in school. What if we had listened to them? What would it be like today? Would we have laptops? Would we have wireless internet? Would we have pens? Would teachers have computers? Would we have Infinte Campus? I think that it is a good thing we didn't listen because school would be a lot harder and a lot more boring. Technology is helping students more than if we didn't use it. If we didn't have it I think more students would drop out and some nations would fall because of the lack of education. Technology is the only way to teach students today because it is what they are used to. What if we didn't have it?


  1. I agree. I think by using technology, students are more interested in the curriculum, and it helps the teachers to get through their lessons faster. How do you think technology has affected your learning? Can you think of any specific situations?

  2. That's very true. We are progressing into an age in where technology is the main educational tool. If you try to teach without it, many students will never be able to relate to things properly. Do you think that technology is helping you learn?